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“Liability Sucks.”

There’s just no polite way to say it. Uncontrolled records pose an ongoing risk to any business. Audits, lawsuits, subpoenas… Your business documents are fair game for any agency or entity that may have a claim against you. It’s important that your records are managed properly and professionally - more important, that they are disposed of within the most rigorous legal criteria.

Because BiS is a Cincinnati-based document management company, our experts are always up-to-date with local and state regulations in the SW Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana region as well as Federal compliance guidelines. Avoid the high cost of fines and lawsuits by designing a document shredding, as well as a records disposal program, that meets the most stringent requirements without interrupting your day-to-day workflow.

We will establish a program for you as well as provide the expert guidance to create and implement policies and procedures to purge records in a timely manner; reducing the expense of maintaining inactive files while preventing potentially damaging records from being used against your business.

HR Records require extra attention. 

Nearly 75% of all litigation filed against businesses involves employment disputes. Every year, between 77,000 and 99,000 charges are filed against employers under statutes enforced by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Between 1997 and 2011, charges of retaliation increased 59% and are now more common than charges based on race.

The minimum fine for a Title VII claim is $50,000. However, should a claim go to trial, the expense, including court costs, attorney fees and possible fines, can easily exceed $100,000 per claim!

The common mis-perception by business owners, and managers, is their belief that information from their own records can be used successfully to defend their company from charges of employment bias. The reality is that the plaintiff’s counsel will use employer’s own records as evidence to support their charges of bias.

Our responsibility to our customers is to make sure you make it a priority to understand the applicable business records retention schedule regulations governing all your records with particular emphasis on personnel files and other HR records. 

“No Liability” Rocks!

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