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BiS4HR Scanning for Your Human Resources Documents

“HR” Also Stands for “Hundreds of Records." cincinnati document scanning services, document imaging services cincinnati, 721-FILE

Even thousands or more! And almost all are proprietary: I-9s, performance reviews, training logs, status reports, background checks, etc. Even if not needed frequently, you know how important it is that these documents are secure yet accessible on a moment’s notice. So digitally imaged documents can be another kind of HR: Helpful and Reliable.

The BiS4HR System for Human Resources Document Scanning.

We scan your HR documents as we receive them, then index and store them digitally on a secure dedicated internet server, where your authorized employees can access them instantly. The System carefully analyzes your HR processes, and electronically routes the right documents to the right people faster and more efficiently than paper can be handled.

Speaking of Benefits, Here’s What BiS4HR Offers:
  1. Documents are electronically sent to the right person for appropriate action (review, validation, reporting, etc.). Reviewers can attach electronic “post-it” notes to the unalterable images.

  2. Accessing documents is virtually instantaneous because documents are concurrently available across multiple locations and because indexing and storage in a central location makes documents easily findable.

  3. Records can be accessed in a variety of ways based on their indexing—by date, location, employee, function, department, type of document, etc. BiS4HR creates a relational database which speeds up reporting and analysis.

  4. Scanned Documents are secure, but instantly available to any authorized person with an Internet connection.

  5. It is impossible for scanned documents to be lost or misfiled.

  6. Eliminate bulky paper records storage. Hard copies are disposed of after a designated period of time of, and one-click purging can be scheduled based on the legal or required retention periods for various documents.
BiS4HR Document Scanning puts the Resource in Human Resources.

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